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Nicola Scognamiglio

Photo of nichola scorgnamiglioAt the age of 14, Nicola started his experience in the world of coffee working a few years in some coffee shop in Naples (Italy). During those years, he learned all the small secrets of this wonderful world: how important are the care of the small things and how an old school barista work into a sort of dance.

When he was 21, he managed his first coffee shop for 2 years where he practice all that he learned from his previous adventure in the world of coffee. While being the manager, he created his own recipes, increased the reputation of the establishment and understood the needs of his guests. He said "a barista is not only the person who makes your coffee, but he is the man that understands what you need in that moment."

Those years made him seek for more and he opened his own coffee shop, which he managed for 2 years.
In 2009, the coffee shop chain in Italy ,called Autogrill, asked him to join them as a Outlet manager in one of the biggest Italian railway station. He started working for them in Bologna with great results on the economic target of the company, until 2 years ago, when he join illycaffès.p.a. as a barista trainer Asia Pacific.

Since that moment he started traveling across the Asia continent to teach and spread the culture and art of Italian espresso. Coffee and travels are his passion, and thanks to illy he made a passion of his profession. He share his work with patience, perseverence and determination as his mentors taught him.